Download Infinite Fighter-Fighting Game v1.0 Apk

Download Infinite Fighter-Fighting Game v1.0 Apk

Free  download Download Infinite Fighter-Fighting Game v1.0 Apk | Selamat datang sobat Andronet pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan membagikan game pertarungan seru yang bisa kalian mainkan di android saat ini skill pertarungan juga karakter tokoh yang kuat dalam game menjadikan anda harus berlatih menguasai tehnik juga skill dalam pemainan ini untuk menjadi pemenang tunggal serta barmain dalam mode survival jadi buat para sobat yang ingin memainkannya bisa kalian downlaod gamenya disini secara gratis.

Game mode introduction

  • Arcade mode: Infinite Fighting Championship. You fight in order to win the championship trophy.
  • Survival mode: Challenge the best record survives until the end.
  • AI Battle mode: Fighting game mode against the CPU character.
  • Raid mode: Challenge to the incredibly powerful bosses.
  • Training mode: Free training control and combo system.

Screen shoot

Download Infinite Fighter-Fighting Game v1.0 Apk
Download Infinite Fighter-Fighting Game v1.0 Apk
Download Infinite Fighter-Fighting Game v1.0 Apk

Information Game

Game Category : Action Games
Last Updated On : May 16, 2016
Game Size : 80 MB
Version of The Game : 1.0
Developer Firm : Delight.enter
File Format : Apk
Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up
New Character 
  • Vandam: He is a leader of Team Skull – back street gang – . But he being fight for free and preserve right to live against real gang. MMA master and UFC champion.
  • CAN: The guard AI robot of Infinite World. CAN then goes on participate in tournament to win prize money to buy mechanic parts and upgrade soft. Because administrator order development.
  • Gamba: He was warrior and was born of Africa. He had lived France mercenary for cure his little sister. He import cure of his sister, participated in the tournament.
  • Jane: She was growing up in desert, it makes her fight out law. Her university major is A.I. She us graduate, but still studying. She want expand facilities and expend own farm.
  • Mudog: He was born in Ukraine and grown up wandering the east Europe underworld. He learning boxing for survival. Some time he does active middleweight. As a result of work hard and save money, he built rag doll factory.
  • Shady: She was brought up to assassin from childhood. But she escaped syndicate. She currently working on runway, She want launch her own brand.
  • Rocket: Kung Fu master and he run martial arts gym Black Dragon Gate, He keep the peace around his gym and care the under-privileged
  • Pang: Usually she manage amusement park and do voluntary service with wear panda costume. She want donate prize money.
Sekian dulu lampiran tentang game Download Infinite Fighter-Fighting Game v1.0 Apk semoga info kali ini bisa bermanfaat terima kasih atas kunjungannya dan menikmati game terbaru dari kami.

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